CoJo Web's Virus Alert

Are you tired of Hoaxes and people sending you e-mail that is filled with a multiple of bogus virus information?  Worst yet, are you tired of someone you know, a trusted reliable friend, sending you an attached file that unknown to them is a forwarded virus? 

You’ll want to read the following, especially if you use an email program that often has vulnerability issues.

For WINDOWS users, it is wise to visit making sure to sign up for an automatic windows update notification. Hackers are slick, they like to play games and if possible ruin your hard drive and various programs and files you have on your computer system. You do not have to fall pray to such devious tactics if you educate yourself and check for updates.

Remember to check the list below for the latest virus information. Trend also offers a FREE online Virus Scan site, which has the latest updates and virus pattern files around!


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