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Colleen Johnston is the creative force in computer graphic design and web mastering. She initially began the CoJo Web Design business because of her personal need for an affordable web designer. After having some difficult encounters with a few web gurus, she decided to teach herself HTML and designed her own website.

When friends and business acquaintances began approaching her to design sites for them, she turned what began as a hobby into a fulltime business. Johnston enjoys creating all types of computer graphics and says she finds each new job an exciting challenge.

Robert Coon, an award-winning photographer with over 40 years experience, brings original photography, digital retouching of provided images and expert photo manipulation to CoJo's website layouts and design. His proficiency in such computer programs as Adobe Photo Shop, Adobe Illustrator, and Corel Photo Paint enables him to turn photographic images into truly unique artistic designs. 

Kent Steadman  joins the team of professionals at CoJo Web Design. His award winning expertise as an illustrator in creative visualization has flung open the door to a cyberspace environment. Take a look for yourself. Remember, his talent can work for you. Click here for the The Steadman Art Gallery samplings.

Kaye Risser  has over 35 years experience in advertising/journalism writing and editing. With just the right words to describe your product or service, your website will be correct in grammar, spelling and salability. You can be assured of a professional look for your website, whether we use your text or we provide word crafting for you. We work closely with you to produce the best results for your site.

Cojo provides simple animation for your website. Animated logos, scrolling marquees or images that blink, twist, turn, rotate and flip are eye-catching and call attention to your website.

Each site is tailored to your specific needs, whether you have one or one hundred megabytes of web FTP space. We can custom design your choice of color scheme, and we specialize in creating custom headline graphics and logo design.

CoJo uses professional graphic programs to make your images into formats for web viewing. We offer a selection of custom buttons, bars and backgrounds as well as stock designs. If you already have a website and just wish to update, we can create coordinated sets of matching bars, buttons, balls and backgrounds to give you a new look.

After creating your website we can manage, add images, and update your site for a low monthly rate.

CoJo is highly competitive and offers affordable rates for businesses as well as individuals.

If you would like a  website design estimate, please fill out the survey below. You are under no obligation if you fill out the survey questions.

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