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Anti-Aging and Longevity --- Biotechnology News

Belarus Woman Celebrates 116th Birthday

  The World's Oldest Person  


   World Radio Network   



 Emergency Heating ---  Be careful of carbon monoxide poisoning! You may not know it's happening and then it's too late !    Click Here --- It's Important Information !

 Duct Tape Security      ---    MISSION2.MID or LOONEY.MID     

Be prepared. Just in case. 




  " Lest we forget ! "

Military-Industrial Complex Speech, Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961
  Bush Policy on Sodamn Insane
 Ongoing Political Views:     Conservative,    Liberal ,    Neither.

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9/11 CitizensWatch Press 

Radio Live Republican Views:      www.rushlimbaugh.com/

Webcasting Live Democratic Views    www.airamericaradio.com/ 

Webcasting Archived Democratic Views:     www.DemocraticTalkRadio.com/

Most Talked of Independent View:      www.votenader.org/  

Not Live Webcasting 

Other Related Websites:

  Pacifica News   www.pacifica.org 
  Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting   www.fair.org 

A national media watch group which exposes mainstream media's biased coverage. Here is a special section highlighting the US mainstream media's coverage of the US led invasion of Iraq, and here is one specific study.

  The Institute for Policy Studies [IPC]   www.ips-dc.org 

Good information including a 'Talking Points on the US-Iraq Crisis' page, by Phyllis Bennis (author of Understanding the US-Iraq Crisis: A Primer), and John Cavanagh (director of IPC).

  IraqJournal.org   www.iraqjournal.org 

Regular reports from Iraq, coordinated by Democracy Now! correspondent Jeremy Scahill.


Education for Peace in Iraq Center [EPIC] 


Working to improve humanitarian conditions and human rights in Iraq, EPIC's websites includes an 'About The Crisis in Iraq' page


Iraq Body Count 


A database of Iraqi civilian deaths resulting from military actions by the US and allies in 2003.


Common Dreams 


News and Views for the Progressive Community', with reports from various sources, and includes many links to other sources.


The Fellowship of Reconciliation 


Includes a good quick, basic talking points webpage 'Why We Oppose War With Iraq', and background on sanctions page.

  Google Peace Directory   directory.google.com/Top/Society/Issues/Peace/  

A large list of various Peace related websites (not all related to the current crisis)





Nasa Satellite photo of the USA at night

Be Aware:   West Nile Virus  


  About the     Declaration of Independence    



Bioterrorism: When Every Moment Counts   

 Click Here  --- http://www.wheneverymomentcounts.com

  Photos of - Smallpox Stages of Rash  

  Photos of -  Chickenpox Stages of Rash   


Smallpox as a Biological Weapon   

Recent Events and Observations Pertaining to Smallpox Virus Destruction in 2002

Bioterrorism and the People: How to Vaccinate a City against Panic   

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 Interesting Statistics about the WTC
The terrorist attack on America:  9 -11 Flight Patterns  

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The terrorist attack on America: an astrological perspective  

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The True Story of "Taps"


Left:  Drum used by a NC drummer  

Right:  Standard U.S. Regimental Drum


Listen to some Fife and Drum music

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