Shirley attended grammar school at the Webster Ave #11 School. When the population increased she transferred to #33 School prior to attending High School.

Shirley remembered the graduation of each of her sisters from East High as well as her own.

Martha DeWitte

Martha DeWitte continued her study of music at the Eastman School of Music. Later she would give private piano lessons to neighborhood children.

Evelyn DeWitte

Evelyn DeWitte studied business and continued with studies at a 2-year Business College, which helped her with a career working for an attorney firm Van Squoyck, Woods and Warner as a legal secretary.

Shirley DeWitte

Shirley studied music and was part of the Inter-High choir, which assembled every Saturday at the Eastman School of Music for rehearsals. After high school she attended the above-mentioned Business College and went on to work at McCurdy's Department Store where she worked in the office. After a year she started worked in bookkeeping at Lincoln Alliance Bank.

Jean DeWitte

Jean DeWitte was also a student of music, specializing in violin and singing (voice training). She in addition received private voice lessons at the Eastman School of Music by the best singing coach at the school. She continued her education at Brockport State College where her major was teaching which prepared her for her teaching career with 2nd and 3rd grade students at Spencerport Central Elementary School.


Barbara DeWitte

Barbara DeWitte was the youngest of the DeWitte girls and studied piano and singing while at East High School, and continued her education at Fredonia College in Fredonia, NY. She worked as a teller at the bank in Williamson, NY and then the Town of Williamson City Clerks Office where she stayed until she retired.



For Memorial Service – December 20, 2007

I have written down some thoughts I’d like to share with you about my mom and given these words a title:

There is more…. Thank God


Shirley DeWitte came into this world on January 21, 1922.

She lived for eighty-five years.

She left this world just the other day.


There is more…. Thank God


Shirley DeWitte grew up in a family with two loving parents and four loving sisters and a host of loving extended family since her dad was one of seventeen children.


She met my father, fell in love and was married on June 12, 1942.

She had children

She raised a family.

She retired with my dad to this beautiful place, Hendersonville, NC.

She left this world just the other day.


There is more…. Thank God


My mom and dad met at a church function… a Christian Endeavor meeting.

My dad was a chemist at Eastman Kodak Company.

World War II happened and he went away to fly B17s, also known as the flying fortress.

He was flying over Greenland when he received word that their son Robert Jr. had been born on August 25, 1944 (My fathers birthday).

He returned home safely and soon after I, David was born on November 23, 1946.

She left this world just the other day.


There is more…. Thank God


Bill…. Phil…. Carol…. Marty…. Ginny.   Seven children in all. 


The years that followed were full of all the joys and sadness, hard times and easy times that fill the hours, days and years when engaged in the business of raising a family. The special events and moments that occurred are to numerous to mention here but they are not lost with her passing because they are stored forever in our hearts and minds.

She left this world the other day.


There is more…. Thank God


She was a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a great grandmother and a friend to all she met.


She was also a teacher.  She taught us humility, respect and love. She taught us to care about the other guy, those less fortunate than us. She taught us to share.  She taught us to be inclusive rather than exclusive. Some of us, she even taught to sing.  She taught us many things and as you read from page to page and verse to verse in the Bible – you will find what she taught and she taught by example.

She left this world just the other day.


There is more…. Thank God


She was a person of faith and taught us the power of prayer. She loved this church, the people she met here and had a special place in her heart for her pastor and his wife, Chuck and Caroline.


Throughout her life, she walked with the Lord and now she continues that journey and we are reminded of his promise.


 There is more…. Thank God