Museums and Historic Sites


Founded in 1929, it is the World's oldest and largest museum and historic park dedicated to the history of American business and American innovation.
Hagley Museum
Wilmington, Delaware
Birthplace of the Du Pont Company in 1802, a fascinating mix of restored blackpowder mills, gardens and natural scenic beauty. It has the archives of many old companies.
Museum of American Financial History
New York, New York
At the foot of Broadway just off Wall Street, it is home to the World's largest public museum archive of financial documents and artifacts.
Hershey Museum
Hershey, Pennsylvania
Hershey Museum tells the dramatic story of Hershey -- The Man, The Town, and The Industry. It is part of a large and spectacular family-oriented tourism center.
John Deere Historic Site
Dixon, Illinois
At the exact location of the blacksmith shop where John Deere developed the steel plow that tamed the prairie and revolutionized world agriculture.
Museum of Broadcast Communications
Chicago, Illinois
Since 1993, helping to preserve our radio and television history as an Archive Center, a Hall of Fame, and home to Exhibitions and Events.
George Eastman House
Rochester, New York
Opened in 1949 on the estate of the founder of Eastman Kodak, Eastman House is home to the International Museum of Photography and Film.
National Inventors Hall of Fame
Akron, Ohio
The National Inventors Hall of Fame was established in 1973 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and what is now the National Council of Intellectual Property Law Associations.

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