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CoJoweb.com provides an internet website design service based in Hendersonville, NC. 

In addition to our providing excellent website design and site promotion, we are able to advertise and link your business and website to our guide. You will realize a positive business growth with our maintaining and heavily promoting CoJoweb.com's WNC Shopping and Vacation Guide site.

Weíve designed this website to be extremely helpful to the out-of-state traveler, as well as in-town shopper. In addition to a shopping guide our Educational Reference Directory and Vacation Guide Services provide our viewers with some really good information. We will continue to update the site and look forward to promoting your business to our online viewers.

The most frequently asked questions:

Why should I advertise in this WNC Shopping Guide?

Note:        Western North Carolina is very much like a large city when we compare overall size and population.  

Generally, there are several major newspapers in a large city with most businesses advertising in each. 

The idea is to get the reader to know that your business exists and what it has to offer.


Old Bones Collectibles offers:

 Lovely Victorian "smelling salt" broach in good condition. Silver washed pot metal with blue pressed Lucite flower in center. Unmarked. 

Price: $120.00 ( actual size below )

Broach - Smelling Salt








 Victorian coat clip / broach with a beautiful large purple cut rhinestone. Gold washed metal 1652188 patent, otherwise unmarked. Very good condition.
Price: $155.00

 Beautiful 1960's Napier Sterling floral necklace, marked Napier Sterling. It is 17'' long. Main neck piece 4 -1/2'' long. Excellent! 

Price: $270.00  



    This guide is much like a newspaper, phone book and TV program with commercials .

    • Unlike a newspaper ad ---

    Your ad will run 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

    • Unlike a phone book ad ---

    Your ad would contain much more information about your business and products.

    • Unlike a TV commercial ---

    Your ad will run every min. of the day, is updated at your request, and always runs during prime time.

    Your ad runs world wide and can attract purchasers on an International level.

    While in town and during their limited time shopping spree, your ad can draw the out-of-state-traveler more directly to your store, especially if we add product photographs to your site. 

    The costs of advertising with cojoweb.comís WNC Shoppers Guide is far less expensive than you would think --- from  .17 to 1.15 per day, for most (depending on ad type).



    Take time to smell the flowww.ers along the way!

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  • May I still have a business listing if I donít yet have or want a website? Yes.
    How will I know that my business is being seen or viewed by anyone online? We will provide a counter on each listing page.

    What is the cost for listing my business name, address and phone number in the guide?

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    What is the cost for listing my business name, address, phone, and clickable link to my website?

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    What is the cost for advertising my business as a Banner Ad?

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    What is the difference between a Homepage and Website?

    See Homepage definition. 

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    How do I contract for advertising in www.cojoweb.comís WNC Shopping & Vacation Guide?

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