Poseidon and his creators.  

Three of the world's finest cutters and engravers - Helmut Wolf, Heinz and Mattias Poster - have created a unique piece of sculpture.

Helmut Wolf

This beautiful and rare stone received its first rough cut at the hands of one of Germany's most famous cutters, Helmut Wolf.  It was he who, with sensitivity, instinct and creativity gave our aquamarine its initial cut.

In addition, both the base and the stand, of aventurine mountain-crystal and smoky quartz are Helmut Wolf's creation.

He discovered his talents young and started going his own way at the age of 28 with his own studio.  Every one of his creations uniquely manifests his sensitivity for the given material together with his patience and pertinacity as well as his willingness to take risks.  He has received countless international prizes and awards for his work and his bowls, receptacles and sculptures grace the world's precious-stone museums.

Thanks to his International reputation as "one of the greatest of his guild", his works are precious items coveted by royalty and private collectors. 



The Postler Dynasty

POSEIDON - 43,000 carat pure AquamarineThe sheer beauty and aura fo this stone was then brought to fruition a the hands of Heinz and Matthais Postler, both cutters from the famous Postler Dynasty. 

In 1871, Gustav Postler founded this dynasty when he moved from Hanau to Idar Oberstein.  His passion was the perfect working of raw jewels.  He founded the art of polishing using metal wheels and trained five apprentices in the art.  They in turn, in 1875, became the world's first lapidaries and went on to found renowned companies.

This talent and passion was handed down from generation to generation.  Thus Heinz Postler, born in Idar Oberstein on 20 October, 1942, represented the fourth generation to practice this craft.  He specializes in the following:  cameos, nuancing (portraits), engraved bowls and sculpted figures.

It was Heinz Postler who drew up the artistic design for our stone and was responsible for its subsequent realization.  It was the purity of the blue that inspired him to awaken our Poseidon from the stone.

His son, Matthias Postler, born 4 September, 1969, and already himself a superb engraver, carried out the realization from start to finish.  After two years' total dedication, with talent, commitment and creativity, the aquamarine Poseidon was completed.


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