. We've designed a DVD based indoor cycling workout series, Cycling Fitness Results.

Optimum Fitness Results, LLC was founded in 2003 to create the “Cycling Fitness Results” video series. Well respected coaches and athletes, Adam Coon (President) and Jason Goyanko (Vice President), teamed up with business veteran Lou Lamoureux to create a company dedicated to providing indoor training options for endurance athletes.


President - Adam Coon

Adam Coon is a licensed USA Cycling Expert Coach, Joe Friel's Ultrafit Associate, and ACE certified Personal Trainer. Adam has been involved in fitness conditioning most of his life. He began swimming competitively at the age of four and raced with USS Swimming Teams throughout high school. Adam began competitive cycling while in college and has been racing ever since. He has over a decade of racing experience and has been coaching and training cyclists since 1997. Adam is the founder of Evolution Cycling Club and currently manages the ECC Men's Racing Team. Adam also coaches all levels of Cyclists through Fitness Concepts Inc and is Director of Personal Training at Evolution Health and Fitness Inc. 

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Vice President - Jason Goyanko

Jason has a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education from Radford University. Jason is also an ACE certified Personal Trainer and a Fitness Concepts Triathlon Coach. He is pursuing a USA Triathlon Coaching Certification. He has been competing in Triathlons since 1996 including Ironman Florida and Hawaii. Jason also lifeguarded in Ocean City, Maryland where he competed in Lifesaving competitions including the National Championships in 1997 and 1998.


Director of Marketing - Lou Lamoureux

Born and raised in New Jersey, Lou received his undergraduate degree from Stevens Institute of Technology one of the best engineering schools in the nation and also one of only two schools in the nation to bestow a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) degree upon its students. Lou co-founded a successful firm selling 3-D design software, Tri-Mech Solutions Inc. Lou successfully exited Tri-Mech in April 2000.

Lou was diagnosed with Glomerulonephritis in 1986. He received a life saving kidney donation from his mother, Donna Lamoureux, on September 25, 2000. Within 9 months of the transplant surgery, Lou embarked on a grueling bicycle trip across the USA, where he averaged 130 miles per day. He has competed in the 2002 US Transplant Games held in Orlando, Florida and the 2003 World Transplant Games held in Nancy, France to raise awareness for the urgent need for organ donation. Lou was one of the lucky ones who received a transplant, but approximately 82,000 people in the US are waiting for a life saving organ donation and approximately 55,000 of that number are waiting for Kidneys. He currently serves on the National Kidney Foundation, National Capitol Area Speakers Bureau, and has given talks on organ donation in the DC Metropolitan Area.

In 2003, Lou received his MBA in Marketing from the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland.

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Our training philosophy is based on scientifically proven training methods, our work with hundreds of athletes, and has been influenced by coaches like Ken Mierke and Joe Friel,M.S.

Base Phase

These videos are aimed at the early season and are used to build a base for the rest of the season. Riders who have developed these skills have greater economy of motion and can ride faster and further without depletinig their energy reserves. The workouts in the Pedaling Strength video will develop and maintain non fatiguing cycling specific strength and will transfer strength gained during resistance training to actual pedaling strength on the road.

Pedaling Technique Pedaling Strength

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Build Phase 

Training in this intensity should be undertaken only after establishing a strong aerobic base. The VO2 Max Intervals increase the oxygen supply to muscles and increase the muscles's ability to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The lactate threshold is the highest intensity that the body can recycle lactic acid as quickly as it is produced. Training with Lactate Threshold Intervals teaches the body to tolerate lactic acid and increases speed at this level.
VO2 Max Training Lactate Threshold

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Race Phase

These videos transition the rider to race mode and help the rider prepare for the physical demands of racing. The Anaerobic Power workouts establish high power output. The Climbing Acceleration Workouts will improve a rider's ability to adapt to changes in intensity during prolonged climbs. These workouts assist in developing and clearing lactate while under high resistance.
Anaerobic Power Climbing Acceleration

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