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Retro fashion 

  • Retro fashion is back with a vengeance - and there is  much to choose from!

  • Norfolk style guru Tina Richardson is on hand to help you find a retro look that suits you.


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I donít remember when we had such a vast choice of different styles around in the shops as we do for this yearís evening wear.

You will see designs reflecting every decade from the 1920s through to the 1980s. Every high street shop has one form of retro look for this season.

Donít forget though, if you want to go truly retro, a second-hand shop that specializes in vintage clothes will ensure you look genuine and unique.

The Great Gatsby

Picture: The 1920s look is very popular
Flapper dresses are very popular

The 1920s flapper-look is fantastic for those of you who have a straighter figure. There are dropped-waists in flowing silks, or straight semi-fitted beaded dresses Ė take your pick.

Layers, netting and embroidery add some detail. Colours tend to be muted or neutral, for example in greys and creams. Donít forget to add the essential long beads, or boa, to get the look just right!

Austin Powers

For those amongst you aged up to 25 you will find that the designs are focused mostly on the 50ís and 60ís.

The sixties mod-look is popular in the most trendy shops. Team these mini dresses up with some knee-length boots to get the look spot on!

Far From Heaven

Picture: 80s fashion is back
80s style fashion has made a comeback

Think Julianne Moore in Far From Heaven; the 50ís look is excellent for those of who have a curved figure (donít hide that wonderful waist of yours).

Strapless, satin, fitted dresses, reflective of Marilyn Monroe, are great for you. Remember Madonna in Material Girl, if the 1950s donít mean anything to you.


As Patsy said in Ab Fab; "You can never have enough shoes, hats and handbags"! There are lots of beautiful, glitzy evening bags around, decorated in beads or sequins.

Picture: Sequinned handbag
Make sure you team your look with the latest accessories

Team these up with strappy sandals in satin or suede, decorated in diamante, baubles or bows.

For Men

Although the retro scene doesnít major in the menís department, keep your eyes open for the art deco slant on the flowery 1960s shirt. Also, for those of you who are more 1980s orientated; shirts in a bold stripe may be more up your street.

Choose a velvet fitted evening jacket to get that 70ís feel. For those flamboyant characters amongst you, think Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen!


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