M & J Used Furniture and Antiques

319 Seventh Ave. East

Hendersonville, NC  28792- 5757

          828- 697- 5250 

 Temporarily Out of Business

New Info. to be Announced


M&J Used Furniture and Antiques has been serving clientele since 1979


Customer Comments:

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This Pinball Machine is only $250 ( needs some work )

It was manufactured by Williams Electronics, Inc. Chicago, Illinois 




 "I walked through the front door and stood looking around not at just the many items close at hand, but I let my eyes scan the distant walls loaded with collectibles, antiques and 'Not for Sale' museum pieces.  

    Not only the 12' high walls of this very large showroom were filled with hanging items, but shelved radios, cameras and all sorts of great things were all around me. 

    On the floor one could walk the isles of used furniture. I saw everything from a high quality dinette grouping from the 50s to a single old fashion wooden desk chair with casters and armrests. You know, the kind that grandpa used in his office  years ago. They sure made them to last.

   Yeah, and who says you cant put a computer on that old desk. I can still roll the cover down over my laptop and lock everything up so the kids don't get in and mess things up. And, all the memories of those good ole days come to mind every time I bring the cover down.  What fun !"



"They buy and sell good used furniture, antiques and collectibles."

 "Main Street seems a bit more expensive and what I wanted didn't have to be a signed original."

"You ought to take a trip down to M&Js and see what they have in stock."

" I bought a craft-matic type bed set -- almost new -- saved 80% off the price of a new one."


Come visit us and take a look around !

Melvin and Jackie Clayton



Come visit us and take a look around !

Melvin and Jackie Clayton


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