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An independent journalist who learned his craft on the streets of Milwaukee, Chicago and Woodstock during the ‘Sixties, William Thomas reported for the Environment News Service while serving as a member of a three-man Gulf Environmental Emergency Response Team during and immediately following the Gulf War. 

Specializing in military affairs, health and the environment, William Thomas is an award-winning investigative journalist specializing in health, the environment and military affairs. During and immediately after the Gulf War, he served five months in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait as a member of a three-man environmental emergency response team. 

Thomas’ writing and photography have appeared in more than 50 publications in eight countries, with translations into French, Dutch and Japanese. His commentaries have appeared in The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, The Vancouver Sun and Times-Colonist newspapers - as well as Monday, Earth Island Journal and Ecodecision magazines. He is a frequent guest on American “talk radio,” and has appeared on New Zealand and Canadian national radio and television.

William Thomas is the author of: 

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                  Bringing the War Home book cover

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His Video Documentaries include:
*  “Eco War”
*  “Waterwise”
*  “Land Trusts”
*  “Chemtrails: Mystery Lines In The Sky”

William Thomas’ reporting has won:
1989 Western Canada Magazine Feature Awards
1990 Canadian Weekly Periodicals “Best Feature” award
1997 BC and Yukon Community Newspaper Award 
1998 BC Outdoors Award. 

His Gulf war documentary, “Eco War,” won the 1991 US Environmental Film Festival Award for “Best Documentary Short”. Segments have aired extensively on Canada’s CBC, as well as appearing on CNN and NBC television.

William Thomas currently lives and works among the Gulf Islands of British Columbia.

A frequent radio talk-show guest, William Thomas has also appeared on the CBC and New Zealand’s national television. He currently lives and works among the Gulf Islands of British Columbia.

Email: willthomas@telus.net
Website: www.lifeboatnews.com
William Thomas
Heron Rocks 1-9
Hornby Island, BC


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