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Eve Lorgen was raised in the San Francisco Bay area. Her interest in the UFO phenomenon began early in life as a result of multiple witnessed UFO sightings with family members. She holds a Bachelorís degree in Biochemistry from San Francisco State University and a Masterís degree in counseling Psychology. Her insatiable quest for the truth led her to study a wide range of subjects, such as Oriental Medicine, Paranormal and the Occult, biblical teachings, hypnosis, mythology and lucid dream work. She has written and published several articles since 1989 when she began her pioneering work with abductees and survivors of anomalous trauma. 


The Love Bite presents us with a womanís refreshing view of the UFO and alien abduction phenomena. Many people find themselves mysteriously thrown into obsessive relationships, but a few, otherwise reliable witnesses, claim to have been set-up in bonding dramas by alien beings.

Eve Lorgen is determined to solve the mystery. While other abduction researchers politely skip over this highly controversial subject matter, Eve describes the Love Bite hypothesis with astounding clarity, compassion and humor. By her definition, the Love Bite is a kind of "psychic rape" whereby the victim is abducted, then manipulated into bonding with a targeted love partner chosen by the alien beings. 

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