Andrew Hennessey's Original Scottish Music CD Catalog - USA Distribution 


Andrew Hennessey has played on the Scottish scene for many years, touring Europe, and the Scottish heartland. His team of musicians bring his compositions and ideas to life - the electric fiddle of ambassador xorg [Andrew] still sings in Scotland today.



and more ... much much more!

Andrew Hennessey

Andrew Hennessey - 'The Fidel of Xorg'   (more info. / CD title info.)

This album is packed full of the original and diverse fiddle playing of Andrew Hennessey - and with the contributions of some of the most talented musicians in Scotland - from almost every musical idiom - it can be seen that Andrew has 'been about' and has brought something back to Scottish Fiddle.    




Cauther Fair 'something old something new'   (more info. / CD title info.)

The incredible musical versatility of Cauther Fair brings you this collection of traditional Scottish music that has never stopped being played on Scottish national radio since its first release in 1998.




Jacouse - "Home from the sea"    (more info. / CD title info.)

Home from the Sea is a critically acclaimed album of Burns music in the scottish acoustic tradition. The vocals and guitar of Arthur Wilson and Margo Falconer combined with Andrew Hennessey's fiddle playing bring life and fire to these well loved Scottish melodies.

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The Mystery of Stargate Edinburgh   (more info. / CD title info.)

This is the story behind the incredible secret of Edinburgh, Scotland. Taken from the lore of; forbidden history, secret societies, UFOs and the bloodlines of Rosslyn Chapel - the astounding facts presented in this narrated story CD may change your perception of history forever.




AEON   (more info. / CD title info.)

A star wars faerie tale for the 3rd millennium. The earth has again failed to meet its production quota and the wrath of the dark lord Thurer will descend soon. Two pilgrims are chosen to go on a galactic quest to find the temple of light to ask for intervention - but how can they defeat the fall of darkness on earth. [the original story music verse and song of Solan]



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