The Mystery of Stargate Edinburgh

Andrew Hennessey backs up his Netradioshow with the amazing alien and masonic mystery of Edinburgh - one of the worlds best kept secrets - The Mystery of Stargate Edinburgh.

[narrated story CD] - X-Files research into the Edinburgh UFO scene


the return of the star gods,
ancient templar mysteries,
rosslyn chapel,
ufo hotspots,
west lothian,
the returning kings,
an ancient mystery,
an incredible heresy,

Backed by the musical script of Solan GF - this incredible story and construct based on fact - its timing perfect for the calenders of the stargods, lifts the lid on the amazing prehistory of Scotland - and connects JRR Tolkeins 'Lord of the Rings' with Edinburgh. Some amazing non-human secret hides in the dark caverns in and around Edinburgh, Rosslyn Chapel, 7 hills, descendants of Christ, Revelations, Alien Watchers … Reptoids

The compilation of many years research - Narrated by Margot Daru - with some excellent and uplifting piping at the end - and a gentle musical backcloth to help the story flow along - the Mystery of Stargate Edinburgh is exciting to listen to .... and lets you know what our Reptilian Overlords don't want you to hear - about the global significance they attach to Edinburgh and Scotland.

The script of Stargate Edinburgh is the culmination of many years research by International Radio Journalist and Reporter - Andrew Hennessey [reporter for Joyce Murphy's Beyond Boundaries Magazine - Texas / Sightings Show, By Jeff Rense, Hollywood, USA / BBC radio 4, ]

Fasten your seatbelts -



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