Andrew Hennessey - 'The Fidel of Xorg'


Andrew Hennessey has played on the Scottish scene for many years, touring Europe, and the Scottish heartland. His team of musicians bring his compositions and ideas to life - the electric fiddle of ambassador xorg [Andrew] still sings in Scotland today. 

The CD  Andrew Hennessey - 'The Fidel of Xorg'  is a cross-section of musical idioms played on electric and acoustic violin by Andrew Hennessey - originator of the Edinburgh Fiddle Style.

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Andrew Hennessey



Scottish Musik has a BUZZ"

THE FIDEL OF XORG - tracklist

01. AIR OF PATRICK [trad, arr. Hennessey Lynch]
02. LORD MACPHERSON [Graham, arr Hennessey Lynch]
03. FAERY RING [Hennessey, Solan]
04. LITTLE CASCADES [trad, arr Hennessey,Lynch]
05. SPIRALLING [Dignan]
06. DANCE OF THE TWIN SOULS [Hennessey, Solan]
07. NIGHTWATCH [Hennessey, arr Lynch]
08. HELP ME [bug music, arr Lynch]
09. JOHNNY B GOODE [mautoglade music, arr Black Dogs]
10. IMAGES OF FATE [Dignan]
11. WEATHERTOP [Cruickshank]
12. THE HERON [Hennessey, arr Waylan]
13. LOYALTY [Dignan]
14. CAPTAIN CARSWELL [trad, arr Black Dogs]
15. BEGGAR'S SONG [Hennessey, arr Dignan]
16. SAILING HOME [Hennessey, Solan]
17. BACH MEETS THE BHOYS [Hennessey, Solan]
18. SPRING DANCE [Hennessey, Mason]
19. SUMMER SOLSTICE [Hennessey, Mason]
20. WINTER SOLSTICE [Hennessey, Mason]
21. CITY OF NEW ORLEANS [Goodman, Cauther Fair]
22. JOCK O' HAZELDEAN [Trad arr Jacouse]

  Andrew Hennessey - aka - AMBASSADOR XORG - composes and plays, starfish electric fiddle, acoustic fiddle, whistle, keyboards, bodhran - with the cast of SOLAN GLOBAL FOUNDRY. 
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