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Anti-Aging and Longevity
Strontium: Breakthrough Against Osteoporosis
Mention strontium to most people, and they will almost always immediately think of strontium-90, a highly dangerous, radioactive component of nuclear fallout produced during atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons in the 1950s. As a... read more
A New Alzheimer's Hypothesis

Medical News Today is carrying a good article on the latest research into curing Alzheimer's. Scripps Research Institute scientists are proposing that Alzheimer's arises due to inflammation - the fibrils and plaques commonly associated with... read more

Impressive Calorie Restriction Statistics

The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has published an impressive set of statistics on the effects of calorie restriction (CR) in humans, based on ongoing US research. It makes for compelling reading: "It's... read more

Michael J. Fox On Stem Cell Research

Michael J. Fox, the celebrity face of Parkinson's disease, is a strong advocate for stem cell research. The Michael J. Fox Foundation has raised and channelled $35 million toward Parkinson's research in the past four... read more

Progress Towards Alzheimer's Vaccine reports on progress towards a functional vaccine for Alzheimer's. A promising candidate - one that attacks the brain-damaging plaques called beta amyloid - is entering phase II trials. A quote: "I think the total... read more

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Biotechnology News

Cryonics In Australia is carrying a pleasant human interest article on cryonicists in Australia who make use of US cryopreservation services (such as Alcor or the Cryonics Institute). The sixth Australian to be cryopreserved was apparently frozen... read more

If You Can't Beat Viruses, Mimic Them

A new type of antiviral agent has been developed that mimics viruses to stop them from infecting cells or becoming drug resistant.Developed by researcher John Yin and colleagues at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the antiviral... read more

Science on verge of new `Creation'

More than 3.5 billion years after nature transformed non-living matter into living things, populating Earth with a cornucopia of animals and plants, scientists say they are finally ready to try their hand at creating... read more

Put Your Name To "Facing Cryonics"

In response to recent legislative attacks on cryonics, the Immortality Institute is managing an initiative called "Facing Cryonics." By associating individual names, faces and messages with the cryonics industry, we are better able to communicate... read more

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