A  Real Ghost Story


Moonlight Terror                            

 C J Stone © All Rights Reserved 2000

In 1971, during a long hot August dry spell, my sister, myself and both our boyfriends, decided to go out to a locally known haunted area nick named "The Grounds" for the fun of it. Rumor had it that people who practiced black witchcraft went out there on moonlit nights to summon Satan himself. We all laughed at the idea and decided to see for ourselves. Dark clouds rolled past the moon, a far off rumble of thunder brought promise of a cooling rain. The area was out in the country, a few miles off an old logging road. It sat near a stream on abandoned property, with a peninsula that jutted out almost like a platform over the water. It was a very fitting place for underworld rituals and unsavory satanic behavior.

The whole area had a funny feel to it, a very deep darkness. It produced the feeling that is akin to the fear one feels when one senses they are being watched. As soon as we turned off the engine, the clouds began to part allowing the moon to shine through. We slowly opened the doors and slid out into the steamy blackness. A sudden blast of cold air began to swirl around us, similar to a dust devil. I became very frightened and pleaded with everyone to return to the car. Rick, my boyfriend, wanted to walk out on the peninsula but I refused to go with him.

As if on cue, a rustling noise came out of the thickets some 20 yards to our left. It sounded like a large animal prowling back and forth. Katlyn spotted what she thought were two glowing reddish eyes peering out from the brush. The thunder began to rumble and nearby hounds began to wail. I screamed for everyone to get back to the car. Rick refused to listen and remained out on the point as if transfixed by the water. The rustling was growing louder, as though more then one presence paced beyond the tree line. Dale made a dash for Rick, literally having to pull him back to the car. The rainstorm and high wind hit as we piled into the car.

We where rapidly surrounded by something that slammed its body into the sidewalls of the car. Dale sat terrorized behind the steering wheel unable to drive. A tall bipedal creature appeared during the flashes of lightening. During one flash of lightening, Katlyn swore she saw a set of goat horns. Dale nervously laughed as surely a deer, maybe a large buck, was protecting his threatened territory from our encroachment. Rick sat speechless in a catatonic state. The only thing he could say was, "The water wants me." As suddenly as the attack from the creature started, it stopped.

Another twenty minutes passed before the pounding rain stopped and the moon peered from behind the storm clouds. Dale wanted to see if the creature left tracks behind and check damage to the car before leaving. He grabbed a flashlight from under the seat, slid out into the blackness. We timidly followed behind. We stood unable to say anything. Imprinted in the ground were large cloven hoof prints, forming eerie pools glistening in the moonlight. They trailed completely around the car. It seemed our "buck" only walked on two legs! A Demon, Hound of Hell perhaps? Or Satan himself!!

He broke up with me, just a few days after that night and grew oddly distant from everyone else. Two months later, almost to the day of our trip to "The Grounds", Rick committed suicide. No one ever knew why because he had so much going for him. I've wondered over the years, if his visit to the waterside that night ultimately led him to his death. Was the unknown creature once more claiming a human sacrifice? Only it and Rick know for sure.




Christina's Wish

 C J Stone © All Rights Reserved 2000

I was about 13 when my best friend Dana's eldest sister Christina died from mysterious circumstances. Christina, against her parents' wishes, had just moved to California with her new boyfriend Jerry. Within a few weeks, Jerry called to say Christina had disappeared without a trace. A few day's later California authorities found Christina's body. Nothing was amiss, no sign of struggle but high amounts of narcotics were found in her system. Beside her lay a crumpled suicide note. The coroner ruled her death self induced and claimed she had died just a few hours before being discovered.

Christina was a very happy go lucky person. She had made plans to attend UCLA that fall. She was beautiful, vivacious, very popular and not the type of girl to kill herself. Her family was suspect of Jerry and wanted him questioned. He was a brooding, possessive and extremely jealous young man who didn't want Christina out of his site. They even fought the night before the move. Dana overheard Jerry accusing Christina of looking at some other guy.

Dana, along with her other siblings, wanted to have a sťance to see what really happened. Dana asked my sister and me to join in. Five of us gathered in Christina's old room to summon her spirit. The room took on a cold feel, as though the temperature had dropped ten degrees. We positioned ourselves cross-legged forming a circle in the middle of the bedroom floor. Upon the old antique dresser were a few partially empty perfume bottles.

Katlyn turned on the tape recorder, lit the candle within the circle and we all joined hands. The curtains began to waver and a noise came from the direction of the dresser. We began to call out her name in intense concentration, relentless in our endeavor. The candle as if speaking to us, began to burst forth flame as though someone were helping to fan it. As the flame grew, Katlyn asked the force within the flame if it wanted to speak. The candle flickered in a hypnotic like dance. She then asked, "through whom". Without warning, Christina's Occur perfume bottle (which was her favorite scent) flew off the dresser, and hit me square in the back! We all heard a distinct "You!" I was petrified and close to passing out. I remember there was a chill that ran through me like I was sitting on a block of ice. A voice that was not my own suddenly came through me asking for help. I broke the circle and started sobbing because I was so frightened. The candle literally blew its self out, which made me cry louder.

Everyone was so afraid; we quickly turned on the lights and headed down stairs, only to be met by Christina's angry mom about midway. "What are you doing!" she demanded. Reluctantly Dana told her what had just transpired and stated if she didn't believe us to listen to the tape. We were sure the loud "You!" would be on the recording. Dana's mother was upset, but determined to prove to us nothing would be on the tape. She screamed that we were stupid to pull such foolish pranks, as she ushered us into the living room and demanded we sit and not move. Katlyn rewound the tape as instructed and timidly pressed the start button. As soon as our voices began to call Christina's name, another dim voice was heard in the background. It was without a doubt, the deceased girls whispering voice, clearly saying to pull up her hair and look where her hair started at the nape of her neck. We where bewildered beyond belief at the unknown message.

Christina's parents immediately called the California detectives and inquired if anything unusual had been discovered near her hairline. Not only was a pinprick type mark present but there was also residue of a high powered narcotic on her hair near the mark. A search warrant was issued and Jerry was arrested. They found enough morphine and a hypodermic syringe plus several "suicide notes" supposedly written by Christina in his possession. It was enough to charge him with murder. He was sentenced to prison without the chance of parole.

In 1969, he was found dead within his cell. Jerry suffered a massive heart attack while he slept. He was only twenty-four; too young to die from such a fate. Was this ill-fated destiny? Perhaps Christina came to claim her killer.





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