INTERNET FACTOIDS                                                                   

10-2k 304 million people regularly use the Internet.

10-2004 580 million people regularly use the Internet.

           2005 Over 1 billion people will be online by 2005 

10-2k 137 million are in North America.

10-2k 83 million are in Europe.

10-2k 69 million are in the Asia-Pacific region.

10-2k 51% of Internet users are native English speakers.

10-2k 7% are Japanese.

10-2k 4% are French.

10-2k 70% of all websites are in English.

10-2k 96% of all e-commerce websites are in English.

10-2k 10% of Internet users world wide make an online purchase each month.

           2002 41 million consumers made Internet-influenced purchases 

10-2k 25% of American Internet users make a monthly purchase.

10-2k 29% of all users shopped for books.

10-2k 20% have purchased music.

10-2k 11% have purchased software.

10-2k 10% have purchased food.

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