If any of your early Colonial American names are listed below than you could be a descendant of Pocahontas.

Alfriend, Allen, Ambler, Archer, Austin, Bannister, Baskerville, Bentley, Berkeley, Bernard, Berry, Bland, Bolling, Bolton, Bott, Botts, Bradford, Branch, Brown, Buchanan, Buford, Burton, Byrd, Cabell, Carr, Cary, Catlett, Chalmers, Clarke, Cobbs, Coleman, Covington, Cross, Dandridge, Davies, Deane, Dixon, Doswell, Douglass, Duval, Eggleston, Elam, Eldridge, Ellett, Ferguson, Fitzgerald, Fleming, Flood, Fox, Friend, Garrett, Gay, Gifford, Glover, Goode, Gordon, Grattan, Graves, Grayson, Green, Gregg, Griffin, Hackley, Hamilton, Hamlin, Hardaway, Harris, Harrison, Hereford, Houston, Hubbard, Irving, James, Jeffrey, Jones, Kincaid, Knox, Lea, Lewis, Logan, McRae, Macon, Markham, Maury, May, Meade, Megginson, Meredith, Mewburn, Michaux, Morris, Morrison, Murray, Page, Paulett, Perkins, Pleasants, Powell, Randolph, Rawlins, Robertson, Robinson, Roper, Ruffin, Russell, Scott, Shield, Skein, Skipwith, Southall, Stanard, Stockdell, Strange, Tazewell, Thornton, Throckmorton, Tucker, Vaughn, Walker, Wallace, Watkins, Watson, Webber, Weisiger, West, White, Whittle, Wiley, Willard, Williams, Winston, Woodlief, Woodridge, Yates, and Yuilee. 

Pocahontas, daughter of the Indian Chief Powhatan, born about 1595, died in 1617, in England from smallpox. She married in 1614, John Rolfe, born about 1585 in England and died in 1622, killed in an Indian massacre.
CH: Thomas Rolfe b 1615 d ? m ? Jane Poythress,
CH: Jane Rolfe b ? d 1676, m 1675 Col. Robert Bolling,
CH: Col. John Bolling of "Cobbs" b 1676, d 1729, m ? Mary Kennon,
CH: John Bolling, Jane Bolling Randolph, Mary Bolling Fleming, Elizabeth Bolling Gay, Martha Bolling Eldridge, and Anne Bolling Murray.
From these six children, the families, named in paragraph one, descended. If you would like more information or believe you have a connection, write:

The Pocahontas Trails Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 675
Gloucester, Virginia 23061

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