CoJo understands the need for simple graphics. They load easily, and have as much impact when used in the right way. Whether your website is a home page or business site we can accommodate your budget. We have a large selection of web graphics and web sets to choose from.


We have simple animations that blink, scroll and make your website come alive.


We even have a small limited selection of free graphics and links to places for you to find them on your own.

However, we ask when you use our free graphics that you extend to us a complimentary link on your site. Please do not just rip us off and please remember to use your right mouse click and save a graphic to your hard drive, do not copy and paste the graphic.  Free graphics are for use on personal or non-profit websites only.

Do not include any of CoJo web graphics on any site that sells graphics. Listing our free graphics without written permission is prohibited. You must supply a link were they will be used and also include a reciprocal link back to CoJo. We utilize the right to prosecute unlawful use of our graphics and regularly search sites for such unlawful use.

In return for free use:



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