Why Select CoJo?

Simplicity and affordability are the key. Plain buttons, bars and balls from CoJo's stock selection will keep your cost down. CoJo specializes in coordinated stock and custom web sets (best way to purchase web graphics). Surprisingly affordable, we have set our goals to help you put together a professional site without it costing a small fortune.

You decide on your needs, CoJo will accommodate. Simple and easily. Once purchased, website graphics will be uploaded to you, for your use.

NOTE: Please email CoJo and ask about  web page specials and for special's on  web site design.


The following prices are in USA dollars. 

Plain Background, buttons, bar and ball sets:

Includes: 5 buttons (text of your choice) matching ball, bar and a coordinated background.


Additional buttons: 2.50 each

Plain buttons- same style and color with text included:

1-5 $3.00 each

6-10 $2.50 "

11-20 $2.00 "

21 + $1.50 each

Plain bars- color coordinated for your site:

Stock $ 3.00

Custom $6.00 and up

Plain ball- color coordinated for your site:

$ 3.00

Plain background - color coordinated for your site:


Image maps and navigational bars- stock selection, text added:

Up to 5 click areas $25.00

6 - 10 click areas $35.00

10- 20 click areas $45.00


Simple custom designed for your site from our custom stock web graphic sets:

Includes: 5 buttons (text of your choice) matching ball and a color coordinated plain background.


Additional buttons are $3.00 each


Custom stock background color with plain lettering. Sizes are pixel size length and height. We must have your exact size requirements and the amount of KB required.

Small: $10.00

Medium: $20.00 to 30.00

Large: $40- and above

Animated: Add 20.00 to each price


Custom (for your use only) sets are designed at $65.00 an hour, with a 3-hour minimum charge.

They will not be sold to anyone else. They will include your logo, trademark or other custom design.


One of a kind (for you use only) banners with custom designed backgrounds:

$ 65.00 an hour regardless of size.

Custom Animation of Gifs or Banners:

$ 85.00 per hour regardless of size.


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