CoJo Web Graphics is part of CoJo Web Design. CoJo Web Design is a full service web design, layout, editing and website management service. Many individuals and companies are learning the art of web design without wanting to make their own web graphics. We at CoJo Web Graphics understand that not everyone wants or needs full service web management. We have a full selection of stock web graphics to choose from or if you choose, we will design custom web graphics for your site. As with CoJo Web Design.

We will utilize a particular color scheme for simple buttons, bars, balls, backgrounds, icons or image maps. We can furnish blank headers, and buttons for you to work with. We can also customize an entire web set for you, including text on your buttons, image maps, and headers.

Depending on your needs, CoJo has a solution, no matter how large or small the job is.


Custom Banners- need a simple small banner for advertising a website? We can make your banner to your needed specifications. We also have the ability to animate one for you.


Headers- we make simple headers that compliment any website.


Buttons- we can make a simple custom button for you, and put any topic on it you need.


Backgrounds- from a simple to fancy CoJo can design a custom background for your needs. We have a large selection of stock plain and business backgrounds to choose from as well.


Bars and Balls- CoJo has a large selection of coordinating separator bars, and balls to choose from.


Icons- we have many in stock or CoJo will customize your icons to make your website as individual as you are.


Image maps- CoJo Web graphics will provide navigational tools that compliment your site. We have stock design as well as the ability to customize one for you.

Whether your needs are for a simple home page or business site, we can keep your costs down. We'll make the web graphic, and you put your own site together. If you need full service, please visit our other website listed above.


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