Medical Aids

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 Ambulatory Walking Products   



 Bathroom Safety
 Bathtub Rails & Grab Bars
 Hand Held Showers
 Raised Toilet Seats
 Shower Chairs/Bath Bench
 Toilet Safety Frame
 Transfer Benches/Boards



 Blood Pressure

 Digital BP Products
 Manual BP & Accessories

 Decubitus Prevention

 Foot Positioners
 Heel + Elbow Protectors
 Invalid Rings



 Homecare Beds

 Hospital Beds
 Bed Accessories
 Bed Rails
 Pressure Management



 Impotence Products   

 Vacuum Erection Devices




 Disposable Washcloths
 Enuresis Products
 Fecal and Urine Collectors
 Room Deodorizers
 Waterproof Sheeting




 Suture/Staple Removal



 Lifts - Vehicle & Stairway    

 Vehicle Wheelchair Lifts
 Stairway Lifts

 Neck & Back Care   

 Lumbar Supports



 Orthopedic Care   

 Abdominal Binder
 Ankle Support
 Ankle/Foot Orthotic
 Arm Slings
 Cast Shoes
 Cervical Collars
 Elbow Braces
 Foot Splints and Braces
 Hernia Truss
 Knee Support/Immobilizer
 Lumbar Supports
 Orthopedic Care Other
 Rib Belts
 Shoulder Supports/Immobilizer
 Thumb Spica
Traction Set - Cervical Spine
 Wrist Splints/Braces



 Respiratory Care   

 Aerolsol Compresors
 Aerosol Drug Delivery Systems
 CPAP Systems
 Disinfectant Cleaners
 Hand-Held Nebulizers
 Oxygen Concentrators
 Oxygen Cylinders
 Oxygen Regulators
 Peak Flow Meters
 Pulse Oximeters
 Suction Pumps
Ultrasonic Nebulizers








 Littmann Stethoscopes
 Sprague-Rappaport Type




 Medical Compression



 Transport Chairs   

 Cruiser Metro, Mobile Positioning System



 Wheelchairs & Accessories 

 Wheelchair Accessories
 Wheelchairs - Electric
 Wheelchairs - Standard


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