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Please Note:  The following form is for to assist you in construction of a successful classified ad presence on the Internet.  We will need to know your name etc. However, you will have the option of placing that info. in your ad.  Your Name, Phone no., and Email Address will be (optional).  See the examples as seen on the Ad Rates page. 

 You must pay with the PayPal buttons for the ad to posted! 

Please fill out the form.  Select the item category, fill in the exact item to be listed, options (if applicable), design (if applicable) and click send (click one time only).  We'll list your ad in the appropriate section in's Western North Carolina Classifieds.

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Please note that a website listing, or a direct link to your website or home page is an additional charge. See Ad Rates page.

We reserve the right to reject any listing which we find offensive or pornographic in nature.

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