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We are the sole and final judge as to the suitability of any material or site for inclusion in cojoweb.com

This applies equally to all listings. If the offending site relates to a paid ad, then the advertiser will be notified of the problem and given seven (7) days to correct the situation after which time the ad may be discontinued without further notice.

This site is intended to be a helpful and entertaining resource for the shopping enthusiast. While we do support and hope that you will visit and support our advertisers, we do list links in other parts of Cojoweb.com  for purposes of reference or as a courtesy. The presence or absence of a particular site within a certain section should not be taken as either a positive or negative endorsement.

Unless specifically stated otherwise in an ad, the currency used on Cojoweb.com in all ads and for payments made to Cojoweb.com for advertisements is the United States Dollar (US$). Only funds payable in that currency are acceptable to Cojoweb.com unless prior arrangements are made for payment in an different currency.


Payment is always due before an ad is posted. We accept payment in US$ only by the following methods:


  1. You may pay with your credit card through PayPal. Simply click on the PayPal logo (add to cart - button) when it appears next to the service to desire, and you will be taken to the PayPal SECURE SERVER for the transaction - then returned to cojoweb.com when finished.

    PayPal also accepts eChecks, direct payment from your PayPal account, and other forms of payments. See the PayPal site for more details.

    Also, you may setup a PayPay business account by clicking on the following banner ad.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.


  1. We will have a post office box soon for accepting funds through the "snail mail" in US funds in any of the follows forms:


    If you are sending payment by any of these methods, please make all checks payable to:


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Terms and Payment information for the Cojoweb.com's Classifieds

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