CoJo's Mother's Day Page Super Special 

  Here's your chance to have a very inexpensive 

   Personalized Mother's Day Page on the Internet for your Mother 

What's the difference between all the free cards and ours? We don't attach little links to tons of things your special card person doesn't want to have to deal with, such as unasked for e-mail ads or collect your address info and sell it to tons of mailing list companies, etc, etc.

We do provide all the stuff listed below!

Your cost is only $9.50

 Your Personalized Mother's Day Page will include: 


Your Mother's Day Page with:       


Your Mother's Day Page design includes:  

  Sample   Click Here for a Personalized Mother's Day Page 


Additional custom work includes:


If you are interested please E-mail us

This offer is good until Mother's Day - 2008

Check our Gift Certificate Page for other page ideas

Here's the fine print -- Have a Happy Mother's Day!    

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