The Universal Seduction Vol. 3 Book Review

As one of the contributing authors of The Universal Seduction Vol. 3, I am honored to share the pages with many good friends and colleagues as well as many well-known authors that delve into the world of the strange! There are 38 authors who make up the name “Angelica Tapestra” who’ve diligently plugged away in our specific areas of research to offer to you, the reader our sincere efforts and startling conclusions.

TUS 3,(as some of us affectionately call the book) is an absolute guide of well researched  and gathered Intel as well as a MUST HAVE survival book in our ever-changing world of mass media mind control, global uncertainty, and other areas “High Strangeness” emerging at an alarming rate!

If you like to learn about conspiracies dealing with The New World Order, alien abduction, alien agendas, HAARP, UFO’s, government cover-ups, mind control and other ‘Grassy Knoll’ type information – buy this book – No library needs to be without such a complete smorgasbord of information you’ll not get in the regular news media! 

The Universal Seduction Books 1 and 2 are equally superb! 

  Colleen Johnston –

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