25% of Americans experience...   75% do not experience it in any given year...   100% of us share responsibility for proper understanding and knowledge of mental disorders

... hopes and dreams can be restored to the families whose lives have been shattered by mental illness. 

 The experiences shared by Mr. Cardwell will give hope to millions. 


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Psychiatric disorders affect approximately one in four Americans in any given year. Despite their frequency, these illnesses are kept secret, and are, many times, poorly understood. Dave Cardwell is the author of "No More Secrets: A Courageous Journey Through Tragedy to Recovery", an autobiographical account about the impact mental illness and the effect it has had on his Charlotte family, including the personal journey of the author and that of his family. For more information about "No More Secrets", see www.nomoresecrets-mentalillness.com.

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 "Praise For  "No More Secrets"

     Mr. Cardwell has had three generations of on-the-job training on schizophrenia and bipolar disorder:  Father, self, and son.  His account is useful for families so affected and should help to decrease the stigma surrounding these illnesses.

E. Fuller Torrey
     Executive Director
     The Stanley Medical Research Institute

     No More Secrets - A Courageous Journey Through Tragedy to Recovery
By Dave Cardwell, tells a story that is too often kept secret in families plagued by serious mental illness.  A silent war has been fought not only by Mr. Cardwell and his immediate family, but for at least the past 100 years that he has been able to trace.  Stigma and the legacy of secrecy it creates in families, makes so many persons with mental illness anonymous and isolated.

     Other books have documented this tragedy that is repeated in millions of families every day.  In his book, Mr. Cardwell poignantly reveals the everyday acts of heroism that are essential to not only survive, but to recover.  Through the story of his family and his own personal struggle with illness, he brings new hope and meaning to the word recovery.  No More Secrets is an important story of healing that will help others to find their own paths back to healthy and productive lives.  It is essential reading, not only for persons suffering from serious mental illness, but also for those that they love.

     Xavier Amador, Ph.D.
     Director, Center for Research, Education and Practice
     National Alliance for the Mentally Ill
     Associate Professor, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
     Best Selling Author of I Am Not Sick--I Don't Need Help!

     The book entitled No More Secrets - A Courageous Journey Through Tragedy to Recovery by David Cardwell is a poignant history of the horrendous impact of mental illness on a family. While the stigma related to mental illness may be very gradually dissipating, it is far from gone. This book chronicles not only his personal odyssey through the horrors of mental illness, but that of family members. This was, for me, an important part of the story he tells. There is a remarkable difference in the emotional impact of reading about this family with the devastating effects of and the battle against serious mental disorders compared to that which one gets from reading scientific reports devoid of names and events. This book tells a story which should be heard by those who have not had the misfortune to suffer from an "invisible" illness, or had a family member affected by one.

      Depression is second only to cancer as a cause for human life-years lost.  One in  in four Americans will be personally affected at some point in their lives.  Mr. Cardwell's book highlights the urgent need for more and better treatments for these devastating disorders.  It will be useful for public education which is so badly needed.  It should be read by every legislator before he or she considers a cut in funding for mental health treatment and research.
     E. Bruce Lydiard, Ph.D., M.D.
     Director, Southeast Health Consultants
     Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of South Carolina

      Psychiatric disorders affect approximately one in four Americans in any given year, yet these illnesses continue to be cloaked in secrecy and poorly understood.  Tragically, the stigma of mental illness prevents many people from seeking treatment.  No More Secrets offers a compelling first-person account of the author's own battle with mental illness and that of family members.  Dave Cardwell put his heart and soul into a book that chronicles its devastating effects on three generations over a 100-year period.

     This honest and courageous book makes the important point that psychiatric disorders are legitimate medical illnesses and with proper treatment, recovery is possible.  No More Secrets should give those who read it a better understanding of brain disorders, while helping to fight stigma and offering hope that recovery is possible.

     Constance Lieber
     National Alliance for Research on Depression and Schizophrenia

     No More Secrets is a story of one family's journey of recovery. From the hopelessness and despair, discrimination and isolation, rejection and suffering, Mr. Cardwell brings a story of courage and a message of hope to families whose dreams have been shattered by the stigma of mental illness. Mr. Cardwell had the will to go after his dreams and the faith to know it was possible. 

     A Courageous Journey Through Tragedy to Recovery is one that more families are undertaking.  Mental Heath systems across the country need to build cultures that foster recovery for consumers of mental health services and their families.  Quality and comprehensive services are part of the solution.  However, the journey of recovery is one that we must take together.  Thereby hopes and dreams can be restored to the families whose lives have been shattered by mental illness. The experiences shared by Mr. Cardwell will give hope to millions.

     George Gintoli
     State Director of Mental Health
     State of South Carolina 


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