Frances Bavier
by Ashley




    Frances Bavier was born in New York city on December 14, 1902.

    After finishing college at Columbia University she graduated from America Academy of Dramatic Arts.  She starred in several plays and entertained our soldiers during World War II.  She first appeared on Broadway in April 1925and had a success Broadway career.  Her last appearance on Broadway was in 1925.

    She made many movies on the 50’s and appeared on TV shows.  Most of us remember Frances for her role as “Aunt Bee” on the Andy Griffith Show. She won an Emmy for the show that ended in 1968.

    While starring in “The Andy Griffith Show” just about everyone in Mayberry, especially those younger than Frances, called her Aunt Bee.  Her name was Beatrice but she always spelled her name B-E-E.  In 1972, Frances retired to Siler City North Carolina. Siler City is located  just on the other side of Asheboro in Chatham County.

    In 1989, the day before Thanksgiving Aunt Bee suffered two heart attacks. She was taken to Chatham Hospital in Soiler City where they found that she also had cancer.  She stayed in the hospital in the hospital for two weeks and was discharged on December 4th.  Two days later on December 6, 1989, Aunt Bee died from heart failure. She was 86 years old.  She’s buried in Oakwood Cemetery.  On her tombstone are the words “Aunt Bee.”






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