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What is the cost for advertising my business with a Banner Ad on cojoweb.com? 


Note: cojoweb.com gets   500,000 hits per month   on average! 


        $ 25.00 / mo. paid in advance

        $120.00 / 6mos. in advance

        $180.00 / 12mos. in advance


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$  12.50 / mo. paid in advance
$  60.00 / 6mos. in advance
$  90.00 / 12mos. in advance


 Floating Banner Ad only  (contains name, address and phone # and/or is linked to your listing in the Business Directory)

        $ 15.00 / mo. paid in advance

        $ 75.00 / 6mos. in advance

        $ 120.00 / 12mos. in advance


 Now  50% Off

$    7.50 / mo. paid in advance
$  37.50 / 6mos. in advance
$  60.00 / 12mos. in advance


Note:     Banner Ad design will most likely cost $35.00, depending on complexity. The prices above are reflective of the most commonly used ad size. 468x60 pixels 

Bonus:    You will receive a bonus normally valued at $120.00 if we design your website! --- One year free use of a banner ad including the cost of our design and layout and a link to your website.


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