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E-mail Scams -  with list of new scams

Here are some tips to help you not get sucked into a scam:

  • Don't respond to suspicious e-mails. Report them to the system administrators for your online service or ISP.


  • Make double-dog sure that the company you're dealing with online really exists. Call their local and 800 numbers to be sure.


  • Put suspicious companies through an ethical Breathalyzer by reporting them to the Better Business Bureau's home page. After you're done there, check out the database of complaints about online companies at the Netcheck Commerce Bureau, a site established to promote consumer confidence in making purchases on the Internet.



  • Use an ISP which offers protection against credit card fraud (America Online, AT&T, and PSInet are examples). AOL covers the $50 deductible if an unauthorized user charges a purchase to a customer's card while using their service. AT&T and PSINet don't charge for fraudulent credit card purchases made over the Web from merchants who use their services.


Through all this, though, keep in mind something that elder statesmen, G. Gordon Liddy, once said about the real world. It holds true for the online one, too: "Obviously crime pays, or there'd be no crime." But there are ways to reduce its wages.

Credit Card Phone Scam - They can easily pull the credit card info out of you if your not on top of this.


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E-mail Scams - updated 5-2003 with list of new scams

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