New Year's Eve 2006-2007 --- Party Pick and Quote of 2006

Celebrating New Year's Eve with kids

By Melissa Summers
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party kidsWe have never celebrated New Year's Eve with our kids, mainly because we've only recently found friends with kids to celebrate. This year we've managed to build a circle of close friends and are planning a gathering which will include eight adults and nine kids. I have 1200 square feet in my humble home, this means we'll each get approximately 70.59 square feet of celebration space.

In order to make sure the party is fun for the adults and the kids I've been searching the internet for advice on planning a party which is kid-friendly, but not so kid-friendly I have to eat pigs in a blanket and go to bed at 8pm. I think I found my answer at, where else, Family Fun magazine's site.

They have a collection of great ideas for entertaining kids during a New Year's Celebration with games, crafts and food. Including the idea to celebrate the "New Year" at 9pm with the kids to avoid over-tired melting down kids. If we can get all the kids to go to bed at our house, we'll be able to ring in the New Year as adults with some of our favorite fellow breeders. Wish us luck!



Quote of 2006

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.   Matthew 18:20

Does this count?

It doesn't matter how many people you send this to, just remember if it made you smile, your friends will smile too. Isn't this picture precious?


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